Health Care Technology Division

Overview of Division

With the growing need of increased use of technology in health sector, Health Care Technology Division in RRC NE has also been commissioned in March 2017. HCT division is facilitating the NE States in strengthening of uses of different technologies in health sector.

The HCT Divisions now manages all key technology intensive public health programs like Free Diagnostic initiative consisting of laboratory services, Tele Radiology and CT scan services, Biomedical Equipment Management & Maintenance Program, Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Program and Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) compliance.

Each state under North East arebeing supported by RRC NE in implementation of the above mentioned programme. Bio Medical Equipment Maintenance Programme has been implemented in all North Eastern States. Monitoring & Evaluation is one of the strong areas in HCT division as well as in RRC-NE. So, HCT division is continuously monitoring the programme through Dashboard as well as field visit along with capacity enhancement of the peripheral health personnel.